[2018-02-13] lots of coding and dashboard to main site

the esp8266 is now working with the hamster wheel, i had to get forge a new connector from wheel to esp.
the main site is now the dashboard, since i had no idea to create some nice design, its the easiest way to focus on programming content.
paul is feeling good. i haven't seen him so much, but in youtube live - rewind, i can see, he is still alive :)

[2018-02-11] Paul the mighty hamster is here :-)


from the great race of a djungarian hamster, also called russian dwarf hamster, paul entered the hamster castle and make him a new home.

[2018-02-09] Dashboard is here

bootstrap (i use in this site) has a nice dashboard which i implemented as standalone on this page. there is not much content yet, but with flot chart i can display the data from the esp8266.
Tomorrow will be the great day, the new hamster is going to settle in his new home!

[2018-02-03] DHT 22 included - hamster not yet here

A DHT22 is now attached to the wifi kit 8 and gathering some data (temperature and humidity) the the httpd xml files.

the hamster is not here yet. there are some circumstances, he (or she?) is coming next weekend. So i have time to code some more environment statistics.
maybe i will have some graphic outputs like the old hamster page in jpgraph or i will code something for myself.

[2018-01-28] wheel prepared

wifi kit oled
the hamster wheel is prepared. got lots of problems with the breadboards, so have to soldering was my other option. so i manage to stick a cable plug on the wheels reed connectors end. whem i'm cleaning the cage, i have to remove all the electronic parts easy from the cage without damaging the parts and taking hours to get them back in place.
I bought some helping hands from soldering and removed the magnifying glass and the heavy parts. they are made of iron and very helpfull to stick them to the cage. the hamster can't nibble or chew them.
webserver is now running on esp8266 + xml output for wheel stats. xml was the easiest way for me to get the data, json was an option, but xml is more likely to import from any plattform. node red is another option but not yet.

[2018-01-27] video feed is now active

pew pew .. the cam is now working and streaming to twitch and youtube. links to accounts are now on social.
the video feed will be active until the new hamster is coming home. have to remember to get some snacks and fresh crickets for him/her.
still got problems to get interrupt working on wifi kit 8. maybe have to check with an arduino first ..

[2018-01-26] hard working and some nice help

i managed to get the raspberry cam to cast to twitch. multiplexing is now availabe.
Maybe I will do some Youtube live too .. have to manage my ToDo list :)
I got a spare weekend so i can do a lot of work if dota is not interrupting.
just one week before the new hamster enters the web!

[2018-01-25] brainstorm and lots of work

collecting some todos for the upcoming relaunch like :

  • social things like: twitter account, instagram, twitch (but i'll have to get a new pc for that, raspberry doesnt make h264 in twitch's required settings)
  • stats and maybe some goals for google maps, like the old hamster
  • soldering the wifi kit 8 for hamster wheel
  • using wifi kits 8 oled for some output shown on hamsters webcam
  • database cleanup (kill / archive old hamster data)
  • backup old website
  • guestbook (as mostly requested)
  • impressum or copyright laws
  • donations?
  • moving this dev site to production site

  • [2018-01-20] hamster.fit - relaunch

    I am starting to relaunch the website, since the old hamster "schneeball" died at the old age of 2 years.

    So I bought a new hamster cage. what type of hamster I will purchase is not final yet. last time I got a djungarian dwarf hamster. maybe this time a normal teddy hamster, but I don't make the choice :)

    I'm building some content for the different pages and collecting ideas for a new start.